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Online shopping for home delivery or in-store pick up is now available at all of our locations!

Lee's Online - Powered by Rosie - brings personal service and local products right to your doorstep saving you valuable time.

Click the "Start Shopping Now" button for your location to get started or download the Rosie app and shop on your mobile devices!

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Sign up and start shopping! It's that easy. Now you can shop online and have your groceries ready for pick up in-store or have them delivered 6 days a week! Each order is carefully hand-picked by experts in store and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every single order. All sale prices and discounts you already find in store will also be found online, assuring you always get the best price on your groceries. Give Lee's Online a try and save on the one thing that is priceless...time!

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$14.99: 10-15 Miles from Store

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