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Lay's, 9.5-10 oz.<br>Select Varieties<br>Potato Chips

Lay's, 9.5-10 oz.
Select Varieties
Potato Chips

Fresh Juicy<br>2 lb. Strawberries

Fresh Juicy
2 lb. Strawberries

12 pk 12 oz. Cans or<br>8 pk 12 oz. Bottles<br>Coke Products

12 pk 12 oz. Cans or
8 pk 12 oz. Bottles
Coke Products

Santitas, 11- oz,<br>White or Yellow<br>Tortilla Chips or Pace<br>16 oz. Select Varieties<br>Salsa

Santitas, 11- oz,
White or Yellow
Tortilla Chips or Pace
16 oz. Select Varieties

Select Varieties, 24 oz. <br>Farm Bread

Select Varieties, 24 oz. 
Farm Bread

Fresh Atlantic<br>Salmon Fillets

Fresh Atlantic
Salmon Fillets


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