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Fresh Boneless Skinless<br>Chicken Breast

Fresh Boneless Skinless
Chicken Breast

80% Lean 20% Fat<br>Ground Beef

80% Lean 20% Fat
Ground Beef

Tender Bird<br>3 lb. pkg. Frozen<br>Chicken Breast<br>Fresh Made 13 ct.<br>Buddy's Favorite  Chocolate Chip <br>Cookies<br>September 16 ONLY<br>September 17 ONLY<br>September 19 ONLY<br>September 18 ONLY<br>September 20 ONLY<br>September 22 ONLY

Tender Bird
3 lb. pkg. Frozen
Chicken Breast
Fresh Made 13 ct.
Buddy's Favorite Chocolate Chip 
September 16 ONLY
September 17 ONLY
September 19 ONLY
September 18 ONLY
September 20 ONLY
September 22 ONLY

Dole, 5-12 oz, Select Varieties<br>Salad Blends

Dole, 5-12 oz, Select Varieties
Salad Blends

Fresh<br>pkgs.<br>Raspberries or Blackberries

Raspberries or Blackberries

Western Family, 18 oz, Select Varieties<br>Peanut Butter

Western Family, 18 oz, Select Varieties
Peanut Butter


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