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Utah's Own

The Utah's Own program was established to create a consumer culture of choosing Utah products at grocery stores, restaurants and everywhere consumers shop. When Utah consumers purchase locally produced products it builds our Utah economy since a dollar spent on a Utah product creates the effect of adding $4.00 to $6.00 to our Utah economy.

In addition, when Utah consumers purchase locally grown products it enhances our Utah environment by protecting our watershed and reducing the carbon footprint of those products.


  • You contribute to a healthier local economy - you become a part of the solution to our economic challenges.
  • Your money stays at home when you spend it on Utah's Own food products at the supermarket, in restaurants and institutions. This money "sticks," multiplying its value to our local economy helping to reduce taxes.
  • You sustain employment for your friends and neighbors.
  • You enhance our tax base.
  • You get the best possible flavor, texture and quality on fresh products produced locally.
  • You help maintain a safer food supply while helping to make nutritious food available to all Utahns in need.
  • You preserve open spaces.
  • You enhance water quality.
  • You promote cleaner air.
  • You preserve our Utah farm heritage, including heirloom products that have been preserved for generations.
  • You provide better access to healthy foods, including organic foods.
  • You sustain our Utah rural lifestyle while enhancing food security for your family.


  • Creamies
  • Aggie Ice Cream
  • Pepperlane Preserves
  • Fat Boy Ice Cream
  • Slideridge Honey
  • Gossner Foods
  • Allgood
  • Chad's Raspberry Kitchen
  • Beehive Cheese Company
  • Casper's Salad Dressing
  • Chynna's Gluten Free Kitchen
  • Cox Honey
  • Crio Bru
  • Dee's Cereal
  • Deverel's Seasoning
  • Farr's Ice Cream
  • Flap Jack Drizzle
  • Granpa's Kitchen
  • Meadow Gold
  • Miller Company
  • Mt. Naomi Farms Grape Juice
  • Nutty Guys
  • Oakdell Eggs
  • Rudy's Greenhouse
  • Millers Bark and Dirt
  • Stephen's Gourmet Hot Cocoa
  • Terrell's Bakery
  • Weeks Berries of Paradise
  • Hi-Grade Hot Dogs & Lunch Meat
  • Chaparro's Tamales
  • Mount Olympus Water
  • Norbest Turkey
  • Colosimo's Sausage
  • And many more

Click here to find out more about Utah's Own by visiting their website.

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